Jordan_Houlton_Web_ColourAbout Me

I am a graduate of the University of Ottawa, holding a Masters in Counselling Psychology (M.Ed), a Bachelor of Education (B.Ed) and a Bachelor of Social Sciences (B.Soc Sc.). I have worked with a variety of individuals on issues from divorce/separation, domestic violence, to anxiety, depression, and anger, among other things. I find it fascinating to hear everyone’s story, and continually feel honoured when clients share theirs with me.

I have been trained formally in Mindfulness-Based practices (MBCT) and Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) but draw on many other modalities, including some psycho-dynamic theory. I find it often takes a combination of many approaches to find lasting results and change.

I am certified with the Canadian Psychotherapy and Counselling Association (CCPA) as a Certified Canadian Counsellor (CCC). I regularly keep up-to-date in research in the field of counselling and psychotherapy and I seek consultation regularly in my practice.

I have undergone considerable personal psychotherapy as well, as I consider it an essential part of self-knowledge.