FAQ about Therapy

169_1489512840889Q: What should I expect in a therapy session?

Before we even begin in sessions I offer free phone consultations (15 mins) where we can determine how I can help you. I will ask you a little bit about the problem, and whether this is your first time in therapy, and you can ask me any questions you like.

Sessions are typically 50 minutes held in my office on Kent st downtown, or at my Kanata location. The first session is typically getting to know you, your life situation, and what brings you in today. This is a good chance to get a better ‘feel’ for each other. Furthermore, we will discuss therapy goals and expectations, and outline a plan.

I believe strongly in the idea that you are the expert on yourself, while I am the expert on techniques that might help you. This means you will typically be doing most of the talking, while I suggest techniques, and activities that can help uncover your problem and find solutions.

Q: Will you just listen to me, or can you give me advice?

While it’s important to provide a safe, comfortable space for you to listen, I believe it’s my role to help shine new light on your situation. There are times when empathy, compassion, and active listening is required but therapy is usually a give-and-take relationship. I will help you to explore your life and get a better understanding of your situation.

Q: How does therapy work for depression (anxiety, relationship issues)?


That is a great question. Therapy begins and blossoms in our relationship together. Each of us as people is worthy and deserving of love, attention and positive regard. Sometimes we can feel shame, or avoid uncomfortable parts of ourselves or our lives. Our work is to go into the deeper parts and first welcome, then question their role in our lives. Sometimes the relationship we have with ourselves, with our emotions, with our thoughts, can be harmful. We are playing out a story, a narrative, that is not leading to what we want to achieve in life. So we need to look at these with curiosity, and acceptance.

Q: How long does depression/anxiety/relationship therapy take?

Short answer: it depends. Unfortunately our minds, psyche, nervous system does not respond in say, 6-8 weeks that a broken bone might take to heal. It depends on what you want to get out of therapy. I ask clients to do some work at home which can really solidify our work in sessions. I understand the conception that therapy can be long and expensive, but it doesn’t have to be.

Q: How much does therapy usually cost?

That is hard to answer as every client is different. You can see my fees on my policies/fees page.